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Andros is the northern island of Cyclades and second in size after Naxos. Is found a breath from Attica ground as it abstains 2 hours approximately from the harbour of Rafina. The connection of island becomes coastwise, with daily and frequent routes. The sovereign of Aegean with the big naval tradition is a verdurous island with environment full of contrasts. Rocky coasts alternate with sandy beaches, the mountains follow on gardens, plenteously running waters and sources, as the famous Sariza. Continuing mountain ranges with scarps and between them canyon, ravine and valleys full of olive trees, vines and fruit-bearing trees compose the landscape of island.

The city with the unique sightseeing and the many-sided artistic activity, the cosmopolitan Batsi,the summer is overwhelmed by tourists, the many graphic settlements, the archaeological areas, the monasteries and the churches they constitute pole of attraction for many tourists.

Place of civilization

At Andros systematically are showed and promoted the arts and the civilization. All the year there is activities of global range and it will be very interesting to combine your visit to Andros with some artistic or spiritual event

Place of recreation

The visitors of the island have always the best impressions, as it combines activities for all the tastes. The entire region is offered for walking and riding. Also the blue sea is ideal for fishing, diving or windsurfing.

See the monuments

The tradition is found everywhere, at the archaeological, naval, the Museum of Modern Art, to the ancient Zagora, one of the most important settlements from the Geometric era. Also at the houses, at the backstreet, at the castles and the monasteries, the narrations of the older people, the water mills and the windmills.

Enjoy it with all your senses

Enjoy the tradition “kaltsounia”, marzipan, tradition sweets but also, local sausage from which you can make the tradition omelet called froutalia. Feel the sun and the sea to your body at the beaches of Batsi, Zargos, Axlas, Ateni, Golden sand, Vitali, Jump of the old, Palaiopli, Nimporio and some other fantastic beaches of the island, Listen to the traditions. Smell the fragrance of the nature. Do the routes-walking with great interest. See unique pictures, magic and you will come again.

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